Competitive vs. Recreational Membership

  • Recreational Membership

    Targeted towards our newest members, our Recreational Membership allows new or prospective skaters to approach the ice with fellow new members. Our E-Board, coach, and Competitive members are also present, offering skating lessons to those who desire it. In a cold environment, like Rochester, it's always fun to have skating as a nice outing with friends when the Winter gets extreme!

    Our Recreational Membership offers the following:

    • Recreational Practices (4 required monthly for Active Member Role)
    • Social Events
    • Skating Lessons
  • Competitive Membership

    Our Competitive Membership is directed towards anyone who wants additional instruction OR wishes to compete on behalf of the University at Regional Competitions.

    While more structured, our Competitive Members meet with our Coach weekly, and are required to attend 6 practices monthly, including one Off-Ice Practice. Our competitive members are comprised of all levels: Continuing Skaters, Skaters who have recently returned to the ice, and skaters who have moved up from Recreational. All of our Competitive members strongly believe that skating with each other has brought us closer together as individuals and a team.

    Our Competitive Membership offers the following:

    • Specialized Competitive Practice
    • Weekly Lessons with Coach
    • Skills and Drills
    • Competitions
    • Social Events