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Meet our Executive Board Team!

Thulasi Ram Profile

Thulasi Ram

Rachel Sobel Profile

Rachel Sobel

Business Manager
Helen Jackson Profile

Helen Jackson

Sarah Mason Profile

Sarah Mason

Gabby Richards Profile

Gabby Richards

USFSA Liaison
Vivianna Wang Profile

Vivianna Wang

Social Chair
Kyle deManincor Profile

Kyle deManincor


More About Us


Class of 2025

Lillian skated on CP Ice Synchro for 7 years and helped coach the preliminary line. She currently works as a Meridian and is an official USFSA judge!


Class of 2023

Anna is a learn to skate coach at Bill Gray's Iceplex and is a competitive skater majoring in Math and Statistics. She also speaks fluent Russian!


Class of 2025

Brena is a competitive skater from China and has completed test from the Chinese Figure Skating Association. She is now working on USFSA tests and learning to ice dance!


Class of 2023

Caitlin is majoring in Biology and Studio Arts. She has been skating recreationally since middle school and a fun fact about her is that she used to do research on axolotls.


Class of 2023

Molly is an ice dancer and focuses on the Moves in the Field test track through USFSA. She is a competitive skater and loves SpongeBob!


Class of 2023

Fiona started skating at around 10 years old and took lessons for a couple years. After taking a long break from the sport, she's excited to get back on the ice! Aside from skating, Fiona likes doing jigsaw puzzles, embroidering, and eating.


Class of 2024

Leilani used to practice trapeze and loves Disney. She has always liked ice skating and the individuality that comes with it, so she's excited to practice more through this club!